Saturday, July 4, 2009

Siblings Attitude

Every siblings has a different attitude that sometimes cannot be understand by each one them.Really cannot explain to them why each one of them has an understandable attitude.Sometimes they find each other rude,negative but deep inside they love each other so much.Blood is thicker than water and really its amazing that now they hate each other in a few minutes they will just talk, that as if there's nothing happened.As they grow to a mature person,one can identify each other self and attitude.It really can reflect to each personality what kind of person she is.Through her lifestyle,doings,attitude and personality you can see it through.Raising children is so hard.Different person and different attitude.Molding them to a better one.Yes,its so much fulfilling to both parents that you can raise your children good.

My family, my life

Thinking for the past 32 years in my life,
I have shared so many experiences with my family.
Ups and down which means a true meaning that a family have.

I married so young at the age of 17 to my husband Richard.
And marrying him became a right choice eventhough we are so young, the obstacles in life at our young age made us a strong couple. Having a husband who is jolly made our life complete.

And now i am in my fifties encountering so much heartaches, pains, problems in any aspect that you can name it, made me a strong person.

I just imagined that when i have my first born.
Rhea-lyn was so scary for me.Having her born with an hernia became so teary and scary for everytime she cried somethings going wrong with her hernia that me and my husband have to push back her intestines coming out from the small hole below her tummy. So many responsibilities that i taught her to become a strong person. That I myself cannot imagine that she is now 31 and now have three beautiful children.

Beisha, a nine year old girl is so intelligent.
The little angel that brought me happiness. She is a chinita beauty a very articulate one.
Reigh, a four year old boy same as sister so bright and wise.
Leigh, a three year old girl so smart in her acts and so responsible at her age.

After six years,my second girl came.
Ma. Aurora having her in my womb taught of having a boy for a while. There so many instances that everytime i go for a check up pulse and heartbeat seems missing. I have gone to three hospitals before i delivered her for eighteen days of labored. Now, i am so happy for she is successful in her line of work, so talented too. She inspires me that sometimes i followed her advices a lot.

This is my third daughter Kimberly Ann, twenty one of age. She loves to cook and bake a lot. She really wants to be a chef in a cruise someday.I just pray to God that someday her dreams will come true. She is so thrifty that one time that i short of finances, she just offer her savings to me.

Having a family like this,
really makes a mother complete..
They are my life, my happiness and my everything.
No one can replace them,this I owe to my mother Aurora.
I thank God for them, My family.

God bless!